Bridge to Justice was more than just legal help during an incredibly long battle. The few words expressed here cannot effectively convey the gratitude I have for Bruce Wiener. Without his help, I would not have been able to defend myself in a contentious divorce dispute. Bruce's dogged determination, his limitless empathy and compassion and his sharp legal mind was the difference in seeing me through a lengthy, arduous process. If not for Bridge to Justice I could not have sustained this battle, both financially and emotionally. Through Bruce's efforts I was able to reach a resolution to a taxing, complex issue. I strongly recommend Bridge to Justice/Bruce Wiener and am forever grateful for his help.

-Toni Krantz

I found Bridge to Justice and Bruce Wiener through a series of serendipitous recommendations. I was lucky enough to have Bruce arguing my side with his calm demeanor and his quiet logic. In a system that can appear heartless and irrational, Mr. Wiener's voice is sure and sound. He is capable and understanding while practical in advising possible outcomes based upon his experience and knowledge of the law.


- Jenny M. 

"I cannot put into words the immense gratitude I feel for having found Bruce Wiener at Bridge to Justice.  After years of litigation in a very complex custody case I was unable to continue to pay my previous attorney her fees.  I was fortunate to have Bridge to Justice take my case.  From day one everyone at Bridge to Justice was friendly, understanding and thorough.  Family court can be exhausting and incredibly stressful and not only did Bruce handle the difficult challenges my case presented professionally, he did so with grace and compassion.  He was able to build and keep my trust in him and his abilities and all the while keep me grounded and confident."


- Michelle H.

"As a client/mother, I would like to let everyone know how much help Bruce Wiener and Bridge to Justice has been to me.

First of all, my husband and son were removed from my house due to physical abuse. Mr. Wiener was very professional in all our court hearings. He was always well prepared for each hearing and listened to my pleas that the PPOs [Permanent Protection Orders] be placed on both individuals. With the impending divorce, after many years of living in domestic abuse, I acquired Mr. Wiener’s services for this, as well.  Again, Mr. Wiener has listened to my requests, following through with emails to my soon to be ex-husband's attorney.  Working closely with Mr. Wiener for several months now, I would highly recommend him.  His professionalism was noticed by others in and out of the court room. I was one of the individuals who fell into the crack of not being able to get free legal aid in Colorado. Mr. Wiener’s non-profit, Bridge to Justice, is providing me service at a reduced rate making it possible for me to hire him for both my divorce case and the orders of protection."


- Client/Mother in dissolution of marriage proceeding

I will forever be grateful for the resources that led me to Bruce!
Bruce is very comforting, collected, and his clarity helped me to maintain focus during a very difficult case.  From his representation I learned knowledge is your power and to focus on facts over feelings.  I am privileged to have witnessed Bruce respectfully command the courtroom with his expertise and knowledge of the case. I would not have been able to properly protect my family without his help.  Bruce is an exceptional attorney operating in Excellence!  I was proud to have Bruce representing my family!  -Forever Grateful

- S. Hardy

Last week with the tireless efforts of Molly Jickling, my ex husband was served with a permanent protective order and admonished for long term, chronic psychological/emotional abuse towards myself and the children.
This is the first week in years I have felt a sense of calm in my nervous system because communication with him has stopped. I can not find the words to express my deep gratitude to you all at bridge to justice for the work you do and the support you offer.  I potentially still have a long road ahead but now feel empowered with hope.

- K. K.