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The American Bar Association has established a goal for law students to complete 50 hours of pro bono service prior to graduation.


Students at the John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia, have developed legal education videos based on legal aid office informational brochures. Viewers can watch videos on topics such as: Breaking Free from Domestic Violence, What You Need to Know about Garnishments and Bankruptcies, Unemployment Insurance Benefits - Common Questions, and Spanish and English versions of Overpayments and Collections - Social Security and SSI Benefits


An innovative program at Arizona State University’s Law School provides individuals of modest means access to justice while also creating much-needed jobs for recent law school graduates. The program has approximately thirty recent law graduates working under attorneys at a nonprofit law firm created by the University. The firm provides reduced-rate legal services services. However, the proposed rate of $125 per hour is controversial, as some have questioned whether services at this rate will help solve the access to justice problem for people of all incomes.


Colorado’s two law schools, the University of Colorado Law School and the University of Denver, Strum College of Law, provide students the opportunity to provide free legal services through a number of different clinical programs.  These programs include at CU a Civil Practice Clinic, a Family Law Clinic, and an American Indian Law Clinic, among others, and at DU a Civil Litigation Clinic and a Civil Rights Clinic, among others.




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