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Colorado has a new tool to help prevent gun violence. Extreme Risk Protection Orders (a.k.a. “Red Flag Orders” or “ERPOs”) make it illegal for a person to possess, purchase, or have access to firearms. Extreme Risk Protection Orders are temporary (the longest ones last for one year) and not everyone can file for an ERPO, but they’re an important tool to keep our loved ones and community safe. These orders can address all forms of gun violence: suicide, mass shootings, domestic violence, and any other form of violence that can be carried out with a firearm.

If someone you know poses a danger to themselves or others, schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys today. Extreme Risk Protection Orders are a form of intervention; they remove firearms from a volatile situation before irreparable harm occurs.

Our team has decades of experience working with people experiencing violence. We offer non-judgmental support to our clients while empowering them with insider knowledge of the legal system.

If you qualify, an experienced trial attorney will represent you from start to finish in your Extreme Risk Protection Order case. All at no cost to you.

Grant funding is limited so please reach out today.

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